The Caleb Daugherty Band

The Caleb Daugherty Band is based out of central Indiana. The band’s sound has been generated from deep bluegrass roots and a love for country music. Members of the band are lead vocalist and guitar player Caleb Daugherty, Zion Napier on mandolin and vocals, Kyle Clerkin on banjo and vocals, Zach Collier on bass and vocals, and Kyle Ramey on Fiddle. Caleb Daugherty released a self-titled country album in 2017 with Chris Keefe on KDM records and is currently working on another country album. The Caleb Daugherty Band is set to release their first bluegrass album very soon. Caleb Daugherty’s smooth lead vocals and the bands hot pickin’ is sure to have audiences swaying and tapping their toes.

Meet the Band

Caleb Daugherty

Caleb Daugherty was born in 1992 in Connersville, Indiana. Raised in a musical family, Caleb began singing and playing the guitar at 7 years old. While there have been many highlights in his musical career, the most memorable to date would be June 2016, when he was asked by Rhonda Vincent, Queen of Bluegrass, to join her and her band on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, on guitar and vocals. As if that wasn't enough of an honor, he was also invited to perform at the 1st Annual "Keith Whitley Tribute Show" at the Nashville Palace, to honor one of his musical heros, alongside the likes of Lorrie Morgan, Darryl Worley, Kevin Denney and several other great artists. Caleb would like to personally thank his wife Michelle and his children for allowing him to pursue his musical dreams. He would also like to thank his parents and grandparents for getting him started in music. Last but not least, Caleb would like to thank his awesome band members for their hard work and dedication they put in to The Caleb Daugherty Band. With Caleb's positive attitude and great work ethic, his future is sure to be bright!


Zion Napier 

Zion Napier hails from a small Midwest town in Indiana called Scipio. As the oldest of four brothers, he found himself picking and singing his whole life. He grew up playing guitar, fiddle, and mandolin in family bluegrass-gospel groups. Outside of the bluegrass world, playing violin and bass in high school orchestra helped Zion to dive deeper into music gaining a love and appreciation for classical music. Some of Zion’s biggest musical influences are Josh Williams, Adam Steffey, Jesse Brock, and Dan Tyminski. Zion says, “I am honored to have been asked to join Caleb Daugherty's band on the mandolin and I look forward to continue making new music with Caleb." In addition to playing music with Caleb Daugherty, Zion also plays mandolin with Modern Tradition and The New Balance. Zion would like to thank God first of all for blessing him with the ability and talent to pick with such amazing musicians. Zion goes on to say, "I would also like to personally thank my wife Kimberly and my daughter Abigail, all of my family, The Harman family, The Wasson Family, and Eric Jarboe. Without all of your support and teachings I would not be where I am today! God bless you all!"

Kyle Clerkin

Kyle Clerkin grew up and lives today in southern Indiana. His interest in bluegrass music began when he was thirteen years old after hearing highway 40 blues on the radio. It was soon after when a family friend gave Kyle a box set of Flatt and Scruggs which inspired him to play banjo. Kyle has been playing for thirteen years and has played with bands such as the New Balance, Jake Brown and Blue Line, and the band he currently plays with today the Caleb Daugherty band. Kyle would like to thank the Lord and Savior for blessing him in all of his endeavors and for surrounding him with such good people and friends throughout his life and music career. Kyle would also like to thank his mom and dad, his wife Katie Clerkin, his son Kade, Dolly Bradshaw, Rickey and Sarah Wasson, and his friends Zion Napier and Caleb Daugherty.

Zach Collier

    Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana Zach Collier holds one of the band’s most important jobs in the band by playing bass. Now at the age of 22, Zach has been playing bass since he was 13.  Some of his musical influences are Kameron Keller, Harold Nixon, and Don Meadows. Zach has one of the most important jobs in the band as the bass player and he is one of the best in the business. Zach would like to thank his dad for getting him into music and for always pushing him to the best.

Kyle Ramey

Kyle Ramey comes from a little town called North Vernon, Indiana. Kyle is one of the most talented young musicians in the business today. He is a multi-instrumentalist being prominent on mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass, and probably any other instrument if he put his mind to it! Kyle has been on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with the likes of Larry Sparks, Alison Krauss, and Rhonda Vincent. Some of his musical influences are Bill Monroe, Tony Rice, and currently Ron Stewart. Kyle would like to thank his family and friends for always supporting him and his musical passion. Kyle has a very bright future.